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Michael Benz is an experienced Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney who has defended citizens in hundreds of cases against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. As a former Assistant Defender, with the nationally recognized Defender Association of Philadelphia Michael fought for clients who faced seemingly hopeless circumstances. Michael’s exceptional talent and dedication to criminal defense made it possible to quickly climb the ladder handling all matters from preliminary hearings to municipal court bench trials as well as major felony jury trials. As a private criminal defense lawyer, Michael continues to be a fierce advocate in and out of the courtroom for his clients. He never hesitates to go trial, and fights as if his own liberty were at stake.

If you or a loved one have been arrested, you need someone fighting for you. Contact Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Benz right away for a free consultation. He serves Philadelphia, Doylestown, Chester, Norristown, Upper Darby, Media, West Chester and Kennett Square, PA.

Practice Areas

Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Benz handles all types of criminal charges, drug crimes charges, DUI charges and serious traffic violations. Examples are:

  • Drug offenses such as drug possession, paraphernalia possession & drug trafficking.
  • Sex crimes including sexual assault, juvenile sex crimes and sex crimes invloving children
  • Violent crimes including assault & homicide
  • Weapons offenses including gun possession
  • Property crimes including theft and shoplifting
  • DUI such as first offense, subsequent offense and drugged driving charges
  • Expungements and record sealing
  • Post conviction appeals
  • Juvenile matters such as juvenile DUI, assault and violent crimes
  • PA ARD Program Enrollment
  • College student crimes

Why Hire A Philadelphia Criminal Attorney

Many people fail to understand the value in hiring an experienced Philadelphia criminal defense
attorney. Most people assume that a minor criminal offense will result in probation or serving
community service. This simply is not true. Pennsylvania has mandatory jail time for many offenses.
Hiring a Philadelphia criminal defense attorney may result in the charge asserted against you being
reduced or completely dismissed. Numerous programs are available to help first-time offenders avoid
jail time. Unfortunately, without an experienced Philadelphia criminal defense attorney on your side, you may not potentially qualify for any of them.The key reasons you should hire an experienced Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney include the
 Proficient expertise in defending the accused. Experienced criminal attorneys have studied and
invested countless resources into understanding every aspect of criminal law and procedure. An
experienced attorney can build a strong case on your behalf.
 Protect your best interests. Hire an attorney that will protect your best interests. An attorney
focused on your best interest will keep you updated on how your case is proceeding and often
sound legal advice on the plea deals you should accept or reject.
 They provide moral support. Being prosecuted for a crime can be stressful. Your defense
attorney, while handling your case in a professional manner, will helping you cope with your
feelings and emotions. Your attorney may refer you to other professionals to ensure you get the
help you need.

Contact A Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney

Please do not hesitate to contact Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Benz for a free consultation. Do not go through the complex Pennsylvania legal system alone.

Mr. Benz serves the entire Philadelphia area including surrounding counties: Bucks County, Chester County, Delaware County, Montgomery County & Philadelphia County.